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Internal Medicine | Geriatric Medicine

"Dear John, Both I and our families wish to thank you for your attentive care and professionalism for my mom and our grandmother who passed away. Your staff has been terrific.
I can only envy your organizational and medical skills."
-- Physician and son of a geriatric patient

Hampton Health, Ltd.and the practice of Dr. John H. Fullerton specializes in Internal Medicine, Geriatric care and consultation, Preventive Medicine, Addiction Medicine and Hospice & Palliative Medicine. We assist our patients in all stages of life, at all levels of care, including end-of-life. 

Every decision we make as providers has an direct impact on not only the patient, but on their family, friends, personal caregivers, facility and community caregivers, administrators, hospitals and the health care system as a whole.

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The San Francisco-based clinical practice/medical home of Hampton Health, Ltd. is based on the principles of 'living and giving' passed down to Dr. Fullerton by his grandmother Mary Hampton who lived heartily to 102 years old.

Internal Medicine | San Francisco and Marin

We specialize in General Internal Medicine encompassing all adult general and specialty medical conditions, including chronic disease management and preventive medicine. We provide healthcare maintenance at all stages of life and at all levels of care from acute hospital to rehabilitation and assisted living, to home care.

Embracing and practicing General Internal Medicine has enabled Dr. Fullerton and the entire Hampton Health Team to focus on the “baby boomers” in San Francisco and Marin and to help them with their preventive care and chronic diseases (if needed) while assisting their aging parents through the stages of life and their corresponding levels of care.

Geriatric Medicine | San Francisco and Marin

In the field of Geriatric Medicine, Dr. John H. Fullerton’s credentials are extremely rare and his expertise unsurpassed. Dr. Fullerton is board certified in Geriatric Medicine, Hospice & Palliative Medicine (Fellow, AAHPM - American Academy of Hospice & Palliative Medicine) and is a Certified Hospice & LTC Medical Director.

Board certification is a voluntary act and there is no mandate that doctors become board certified. However, board certification demonstrates a physician’s exceptional expertise in a particular specialty and/or subspecialty of medical practice and has become the gold standard when looking for credentials of physicians. For the patient, board certification provides the assurance that doctors have not only been trained in their specialty, but have been tested with a national standardized examination.

John Fullerton MD and Patient PegIn addition to our focus on Internal Medicine and Geriatric care, Hampton Health, Ltd.™ has had a long-term focus and emphasis in the development of innovative methods for on-site medical care within Assisted Living (AL) and Independent Living (IL) communities.

Dr. Fullerton and the entire Hampton Health team of geriatric-trained providers work closely with patients and their families within communities to provide in-depth, comprehensive and preventive care, through the implementation of the most evolved, integrated and innovative methods for Assisted and Independent Living on-site medical care to date.

We have pioneered these novel business methods which are licensed and implemented through our intellectual property subsidiary Physician Assisted Living Solutions LLC.

To learn more about Hampton Health, Ltd. and our PALS℠ approach to medical care and services for patients and their families in Assisted and Independent Living Communities please read:

Physician Assisted Living Solutions Patient and Family Support
also available in our Resources Section.

PALS℠ is a Registered Service Mark.

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