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St_Marys_medical_centerAs a preceptor for St. Mary’s Medical Center in San Francisco since 2007, Dr. John H. Fullerton gradually increased his teaching and mentoring commitment and in 2009 was appointed Education Director of Geriatric and Palliative Training, devoting his time to care for the vulnerable elderly, creating and utilizing the skills of an inter-disciplinary team and designing innovative approaches for various levels of acute and long-term care (LTC) until he retired from his position in late 2016.

St. Mary's Medical Residents, rotating in Geriatrics, trained on-site under the mentorship of Dr. Fullerton at Novato Healthcare Center (formerly Country Villa Novato) and Country Villa San Rafael (both Skilled Nursing Facilities), as well as the Hampton Health, Ltd. Marin office at Aegis of Corte Madera (Assisted Living Facility), all of which had been deemed core geriatric program training sites during the seven years of Dr. Fullerton's position.

As the former Director of Geriatric & Palliative Training and a Key Clinical Faculty Member of the Internal Medicine Residency Program, Dr. Fullerton is a member of The Ethics Committee, The Pharmacy and Therapeutics Committee and The Intern/Resident Selection Committee.

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