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Hospice & LTC Medical Direction

Hospice & Palliative Medicine | San Francisco and Marin

Hampton Health, Ltd. and the practice of Dr. John H. Fullerton assists our patients in all stages of life at all levels of care including end-of-life.

Dr. John H. Fullerton is Board Certified in Hospice & Palliative Medicine and is a Fellow and Key National Faculty Lecturer for the AAHPM (American Academy of Hospice & Palliative Medicine). Additionally Dr. Fullerton is Board Certified as a Medical Director (AMDA) and Hospice Medical Director also by the AAHPM.

From 2009-2016, Dr. Fullerton served as Director of Geriatric & Palliative Training at St. Mary's Medical Center in San Francisco, CA where he was Key Clinical Faculty Member of the Internal Medicine Residency Program. He is on the Board of Directors for the CA Chapter of AMDA (American Medical Directors Association) through (CALTCM - California Association of Long-Term Care Medicine) and in 2011 was appointed to the National Public Policy Committee Headquartered in Washington, DC.

"As a Hospice nurse, I am always happy to hear when one of Dr. Fullerton's patients are coming on service. As you can imagine, it is always an emotional time and sometimes involves very complicated care. Every week I witness the attention and incredible medical services provided by Dr. Fullerton's staff to his patients and when they are admitted to hospice, it becomes a collaboration between his amazing staff and our team. This collaboration provides a network of care that is such a benefit to the patient and his/her entire family. Thank you for all that you do and the amazing care that you provide for your patients."

Lori Limchayseng, RN - Heartland Hospice

Dr. Fullerton took office as President-Elect for the CA Chapter of AMDA in May 2014, after serving as Vice President-Elect the previous two years. Additionally, he is on the Board of Directors of the California Coalition for Compassionate Care (CCCC) and remains vigilant in protecting the interests of the frail elderly.

In addition to his private practice, Dr. John Fullerton has provided hospice and long term care medical direction to numerous Skilled Nursing Post Acute Facilities and Assisted Living communities throughout the Bay Area.

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