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Physician Assisted Living Solutions LLC

an Intellectual Property Subsidiary of Hampton Health, Ltd.

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PALS℠ is the physician assisted, post-acute care arm of Hampton Health, Ltd. having provided health care to premier post-acute facilities, primarily within Assisted Living (ALF) and Independent Living (ILF) communities in San Francisco, Corte Madera, Kentfield, San Rafael, Lafayette and Belmont, CA.

As the intellectual property subsidiary of Hampton Health, Physician Assisted Living Solutions has served to pioneer thoughtful and innovative methods for post-acute care and has set the standard for implementing the most evolved, comprehensive and integrated medical model for on-site support, care and training within Assisted and Independent Living communities developed to date.

Vital to PALS℠ is bringing comprehensive on-site medical services to patients within Assisted Living and Independent Living communities and providing monitored preventive medical care in an effort to avoid the strain and trauma of going to the ER unnecessarily.

PALS℠ On-Site Medical Services include:

    • Blood Draws
    • Vaccinations
    • B12 Shots & Prolia Injections
    • Xrays, EKGs, Venous Doppler (Ultrasounds)
    • Ear Lavage (wax removal)
    • Urinalysis
    • TB Testing & Reading
    • Assistance with Annual RCFE Forms (Physician's Report for Residential Care Facilities for the Elderly), Long Term Care Insurance Forms and Department of Motor Vehicle Forms

Through PALS℠ we:

    • Assist in the timely placement of patients in assisted living and independent living communities when and if needed.
    • Emphasize the importance and value of certified medical directorships within assisted and independent living communities.
    • Promote the role of mid-level practitioners in all phases of geriatrics.
    • Provide on-site training within communities through hospital and medical school afflilation agreements.
    • Develop teamwork to improve and increase medical support and care within communities.

Traditionally, assisted living communities were built upon a 'social model', addressing social issues such as isolation, prepared meals, and manageable living spaces. However by 2002, Dr. John H. Fullerton had witnessed, first-hand, the increasing importance and need for the addition of a ‘medical model’ within Assisted Living, to address complications of aging, medical issues and illnesses that affect the elderly and other chronically ill individuals, as well as the critical issue of 'caregiver strain' experienced among adult children of aging parents.

With the implementation of his innovative methods for on-site care, Dr. Fullerton and the Hampton Health team of PALS℠ geriatric-trained providers:

    • Work closely with patients and their families to provide in-depth, comprehensive and preventive care.
    • Promote targeted healthcare screening and age-related disease monitoring.
    • Manage and join forces with additional healthcare and wellness specialists to work together as a multi-disciplinary team.
    • Emphasize a personalized approach to enhancing quality of life.

In addition to the many functions of PALS℠, The PALS℠ Diabetic Program offers a complete program to manage and monitor patients with Type 1 and Type 2 Diabetes within Assisted and Independent Living communities along with highly skilled wound care and home medical/personal care provided through Hampton at Home, a division of Hampton Health, Ltd.

Hampton Health, Ltd. has pioneered these innovative methods of care and services to Assisted Living communities since 2002. Physician Assisted Living Solutions LLC was established in 2006.


PALS℠ is a Registered Service Mark.

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