Our Philosophy

Hampton Health, Ltd. is composed of people who share a unified healthcare belief system and have long embraced and shared a 'patient-centered' philosophy at the foundation of primary care excellence as defined by the PCPCC.

"Thankfully, Dr. Fullerton and his team actually work as a team to provide attentive care to the patient and gentle guidance to the family." -- Kathi T.

We believe in:

John Fullerton, MD with a patient

Taking Time:

One of the founding principles of Hampton Health, Ltd. is taking more time with our patients. Built upon our frustration with the trend in the medical community toward shorter appointments, we feel that in order to be comprehensive and accurate, sometimes you just need to take a bit more time. It is our belief and commitment to our patients to provide adequate time to assess and address their medical needs and concerns.

An Individualized Approach:

Lifestyle, belief systems, specific body makeup, and personality differ greatly from person to person. What may be the right choice for one person may not be for another. We pride ourselves in our ability to work with our patients along with all contributing factors to determine the best possible program and approach for their individual medical care.

Personalized Care:

We have found that one of the benefits of knowing our patients extremely well is that we are able to address issues immediately, conveniently and often remotely. Imagine the time that is saved when the person on the other end of the phone knows you and knows your history, and when the need to repeat your issues over and over again becomes unnecessary. At Hampton Health we pride ourselves in providing the type of environment where all of our team are well-informed about you as our patient.

Preventive Medicine:

We believe in the power of prevention which  is rooted in the very core of our practice. It is our individualized approach, taking more time with our patients and our attention to detail, that contribute to our belief and recognition in preventive medicine. With this in mind, we make available in-depth, comprehensive annual physicals as well as offer the ability to monitor patients who present chronic medical issues.

Teamwork & Breadth of Experience:

We have a highly trained group of providers with a variety of expertise who utilize a team approach which serves to enhance our patient care. We believe that more heads (and brains) are better than one, and purposely rotate our patients through providers. This combination of exposure to different members of the Hampton Health team, along with an environment dedicated to communication, serves to provide our unique and comprehensive patient care.





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