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expert witness governmentDr. John H. Fullerton, a certified Clinical Forensics Expert, is vetted by the Department of Homeland Security, the Department of Justice, the Office of The Inspector General and the Federal Bureau of Investigation to perform the duties of a government expert in cases of criminal healthcare fraud. 

Medicare Fraud DOJ Garrison PA Trial Verdict in LA as Operation Heat

Dr. John H. Fullerton served as a key government expert witness in the Los Angeles jury verdict trial “Operation HEAT”, working with the Department of Justice, FBI, and OIG-HHS (US Department of Health and Human Services) v. a Physician Assistant (Garrison) who was convicted of all counts in the indictment.

David James Garrison was a physician assistant who worked at fraudulent medical clinics where he used the stolen identities of physicians to write prescriptions for medically-unnecessary durable medical equipment (DME) and diagnostic tests. On June 4, 2012 Garrison was convicted of conspiracy, health care fraud and aggravated identity theft charges in connection with an $18.9 million Medicare fraud scheme.

oigPer Dr. Fullerton “….the lack of funds in Medicare and how egregious these sham providers behaved in "bilking" the American taxpayers of over $430 Million [as part of a US national campaign], thereby threatening our vulnerable elders who justifiably rely on Medicare for their future care and have played by the rules all of their working lives to pay into the system...”

In addition to the Garrison case, Dr. John Fullerton has served as a key expert witness in the continuing efforts of Operation HEAT (the task force having tallied over $4 billion US) and has been on the winning side of numerous other convictions.

It was not until February 2013 that Dr. Fullerton's involvement in the trials was allowed to be made public. Dr. Fullerton continues to be sought after as an expert witness in Medicare fraud working with teams of prosecutors in targeted cities like Los Angeles.

Seventeen-Count Indictment Unsealed Charging Four with Medicare Fraud Conspiracy

Dr. John H. Fullerton served as a key expert government witness in the 2010 case of Stanley Garrido, a physician assistant in San Diego, CA charged with ordering medically unnecessary tests and procedures and falsely holding himself out as a medical doctor to individuals at a clinic on El Cajon Boulevard in San Diego. The clinic had been established in 2005 by two owners along with a fourth defendant, portrayed as "the lead capper of the scheme" using an unamed 79 year old physician for his name and Medicare billing number.

Orange County Doctor Convicted of Six Counts of Health Care Fraud in Multi-Million Dollar Scam

Dr. Fullerton was a key government expert witness in the case of Augustus Ohemeng, MD, a Buena Park physician who participated in a health care fraud scheme for unnecessary procedures and prescriptions that led to Medicare paying nearly $3 million on fraudulent claims for durable medical equipment and nutritional supplies. Ohemeng faces a maximum statutory sentence of 60 years in federal prison.

Owner of California Medical Equipment Supply Company Found Guilty of $11 Million Medicare Fraud Scheme

Dr. John H. Fullerton has continued his successful involvement in High Profile Medicare Cases with the conviction of Obiageli Agbu July 19, 2013. Obiageli (Brooke) Agbu, who was on the list of Medicare's Most Wanted (see pg.3), was convicted of Medicare Fraud in a federal jury trial where Dr. Fullerton was retained by the LA Offices Federal Court as the sole expert.

Dr. Fullerton was qualified by the Federal Court to provide determinations of Medicare medical necessity for a series of "bribed physician providers" who paid "Cappers/Marketers" to bring into the sham clinic the Medicare info and demographics needed to perpetrate over $11 million in fraudulent billing for DME (Durable Medical Equipment) mostly in the form of expensive, fully-loaded power wheelchairs.

Dr. Fullerton was also qualified by the court to testify in the proper running of a Medicare Enterprise Clinic (including Medicare durable medical equipment supply houses) using the business practices and experience of running a Medicare business practice enterprise (like Hampton Health, Ltd.), to demonstrate proper Medicare billing practices as a provider and to give his expert opinion on proper Medicare business practices as an Executive/Medical Director for Medicare Clinics/Supply Houses fulfilling DME (Durable Medcial Equipment) prescriptions.

Los Angeles-Area Doctor and Patient Recruiter Plead Guilty to Participating in a Power Wheelchair Scheme that Defrauded Medicare of Over $10.1 Million

In direct relation to Dr. John Fullerton's involvment as the sole expert witness in the conviction of Obiageli (Brooke) Agbu, Dr. Emmanuel Ayodele of Los Angeles and Alejandro Maciel of Huntington Park plead guilty to one count of health care fraud and one count of conspiracy to commit health care fraud in a separate case on July 1, 2013.

Both Dr. Ayodele and patient recruiter Alejandro Maciel conspired with the Agbus and their medical supplies company Bonfee and Ibon to submit more than $12.3 million in bogus prescriptions and fraudulent Medicare claims for durable medical equipment. 

Three Defendants Convicted in $3.2 Million Medicare Fraud Scheme

As a key government expert witness, Dr. John H. Fullerton was once again on the winning side in the December 4, 2013 conviction of Patrick Sogbein, his wife Adebola Adebimpe and their associate Eduardo Abad on all counts against the owner/operator of a medical equipment supply house company and the defendants in the Operation HEAT case adjudicated in San Francisco, CA. 

The case involved medicare fraud surrounding the illegal prescribing and distributing of power electric wheelchairs.  

Three Found Guilty for Roles in $20 Million Health Care Fraud Scheme Involving Bogus Prescriptions for Expensive Anti-Psychotic Drugs

Dr. John Fullerton was an instrumental government expert witness whose testimony helped secure the indictment(s) against the defendant clinic providers in the investigation known as "Operation Psyched-Out".

Members associated with Manor Medical Imaging Clinic in Glendale, CA: Dr. Kenneth W. Johnson, 44, of Ladera Heights and Manor's in-house doctor, unlicensed physician's assistant Nurista Grigoryan, 56, and Artak Ovsepian, 32, one of the leaders of the conspiracy, were found guilty on February 18, 2014 for falsely prescribing expensive, brand name anti-psychotic mediations and re-billing the government for the same drugs over and over again to a total of more than $20 million.

Grigoryan and Johnson will face up to 50 years in federal prison at sentencing.

Prosecutors: Scam Put 900,000 Oxycontin on Street

Dr. John H. Fullerton has been involved as a government medical expert in "Operation Dirty Lake" through Operation Heat in collaboration with the DOJ/FMI/OIG-DHHS/DEA/AG and Local Law Enforcement in Los Angeles County. 

Multiple pharmacists and co-defendants Mike Mikaelian and Anjelica Sanamian have been accused of diverting 900,000 pills of Oxycontin onto the streets via their 'Lake Medical Group' and pushing a high-dose Oxycontin Pill while bilking Medicare of an estimated $7 million.

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