Appeals Court Revives Lawsuit Against Doctor in Nursing Home Death by Katheryn Hayes Tucker

The Georgia Court of Appeals has revived a lawsuit against a doctor in a small-town nursing home over the treatment of a patient who died after developing an infection. The lawsuit was reopened based upon the deposition of medical expert Dr. John H. Fullerton who said Dr. Taylor had breached the standard of care in "numerous ways"- failing to set a proper wound care plan, respond to concerns or assess the patient's condition.

The Daily Report - January 2017

Pursuit of Cash Taints Promise of Gene Tests by Reed Abelson and Julie Creswell

Dr. John H. Fullerton is interviewed as a former participant in The DART Trial and what became a suspicious clinical study lead by Rennaisance RX. As a certified forensic medical expert on Medicare Fraud for the government, along with his ethical duty as a physician, Dr. Fullerton refrained from continuing his participation once he recognized the trial "seemed to stress volume".

New York Times - June 24, 2015

New Medicare Scams Spread Across the U.S. by Tom Dunkel

Dr. John H. Fullerton, an expert for the government in prosecuting Medicare fraud and abuse in California clinics, is interviewed along with government investigators who have been tracing patterns of billion-dollar frauds perpetrated throughout the U.S.

AARP Bulletin - June 2015

San Rafael News Pointer - Dr. Fullerton-Making House Calls Easier

Dr. John Fullerton brings house calls to his patients by opening an on-site medical practice at AlmaVia of San Rafael. - April 2015

Hampton Health, Ltd. Opens On-Site Medical Practice at AlmaVia of San Rafael

Expanding its medical outreach to regional communities, Hampton Health, Ltd. opened a new on-site medical practice at AlmaVia of San Rafael 515 Northgate Drive, Suite 101 in San Rafael, CA on December 3, 2014. An assisted living community managed by Elder Care Alliance, the practice offers the finest in geriatric care and oversight to its residents.

February 2015

Medical Provider Spotlight - Dr. John H. Fullerton - AlmaVia of San Rafael

The medical center at AlmaVia of San Rafael offers a wide range of services, including urgent care on a walk-in basis, chronic disease management, dementia care and general geriatric care and consultation.

Eldercare Alliance E-Newsletter - January 2015 

Dr. John H. Fullerton Accepts Medical Directorhship to AlmaVia of San Rafael

Hampton Health, Ltd., the San Francisco-based private medical practice specializing in comprehensive Internal Medicine and Geriatric care, is pleased to announce company Founder and President Dr. John H. Fullerton has been appointed Certified Medical Director to AlmaVia of San Rafael, a leading senior assisted living community in Marin County. In addition to his directorship, Dr. Fullerton will establish an on-site medical practice.

November 2014

Elderly Healthcare: Death of a 91-year-old Spotlights Line Between Care and Killing by Maria L. La Ganga

Dr. John H. Fullerton, nationally certified, was called to the court in Madera, CA to testify as an expert in clinical forensic medicine, including geriatrics, Hospice & Palliative Medicine, home care, and medical directorship during the high-profile murder trial of Stephanie Hernandez in the Spring of 2011.

Los Angeles Times - June 2, 2011

No Chance She Would Have Bounced Back by Missy Diaz

Further reporting focused on the testimony of medical expert Dr. John H. Fullerton in the Fenn Murder Trial.

Sun Sentinel - September 16, 2009

Doctor Counters Starvation Claim in Alzheimer's Death; Says Shrunken Appearance No Surprise by Susan Spencer-Wendel

Dr. John H. Fullerton was chief among the defense witnesses providing expert medical testimony in the notorious West Palm Beach Fenn Trial heard round the United States. The Fenns faced possible life in prison for the death of Kerstin Fenn's mother, Elly Lorey, whom they cared for.

Palm Beach Post - September 15, 2009


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