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Jennifer Polintan Case

Care Home Operator Pleads Guilty to Manslaughter

Jennifer Polintan - Guilty Plea HawaiiDr. John H. Fullerton was brought in to serve as an expert witness by Deputy Attorney General Mike Parrish, Esq. of Hawaii in the case of Jennifer Polintan.

Ms. Polintan, a daughter with CNA (Certified Nursing Assistance) training, certification and experience in Hawaii, was permitted to open her home as a Residential Board & Care Home allowing her to take care of up to 3 medium ill residents, including her own mother and 88 year old Nona Mosman, and to receive payment by the state.

This inventive Hawaiian style of subsidized home care allows for lay, related caregivers with some long-term care provider certifications, to be paid to turn their homes into residential Board & Care facilities for family members and a few additional outside clients for government money.

Ms. Polintan not only neglected her own mother and abused her contract to run the home by working full-time elsewhere, but irreparably harmed Ms. Nona Mosman and destroyed her rehabilitation potential which culminated in her premature and painful death in May 2013, and ultimately lead to Jennifer Polintan being charged with manslaughter.

In this landmark case in Hawaii, Jennifer Polintan plead guilty to Manslaughter on September 22, 2014. The plea agreement provides that Polintan will serve one year in jail, and in addition will pay $8,980 in restitution to Ms. Mosman's family, $4,888 in restitution to the State of Hawaii, a $600 fine and court costs.

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