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Mary Hampton history2Hampton Health, Ltd. is named after Mary Hampton, Dr. John Hampton Fullerton’s grandmother. Her grandson grew up inspired by her spirit, pioneering approach to wellness, and strong sense of philanthropic duty.

A remarkable woman, with impeccable standards and blunt honesty, Dr. Fullerton asked for permission to use her name for his San Francisco practice in 2005. She not only agreed but was honored, the highest praise he could receive from his grandmother.

John Fullerton developed his passion for not only general medicine but specifically geriatrics, from the experiences he had with his own family while at medical school in Miami, Florida in the early 1980’s.

His grandfather and Mary’s husband, Richard Cochrane Fullerton, known widely as a self-made musician, businessman and entertainer, and a hero to Dr. Fullerton as a child, had his life and career cut short by Alzheimer's disease in 1983.

It was during this time that his grandson witnessed the impact the disease had on his entire family and noted the inadequate resources in both the medical and social community during that period in our history.

While Dr. Fullerton watched his grandmother Mary and his own father struggle to provide adequate home care throughout the twelve years of Richard Fullerton’s disease, he realized the genesis and focus of his future medical practice, to pioneer and provide the care, assistance and resources so desperately needed to the parents and children of his own future generation, the ‘baby boomers’.

It is in honor of Mary Hampton Fullerton who died at the age of 102 in 2006 and for the moment of recognition which would become Dr. Fullerton’s future focus and dedication, that Hampton Health was named.


John Fullerton, MD with grandmother Mary Hampton

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