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Addiction Medicine | Clinical Toxicology

"Thank you for your excellent and empathetic care through the many challenges of the last couple of years. Your direction regarding medication and managing Mom's various health issues were spot on, especially as we grappled with the emotionally trying drinking problem, and associated behavior.
I remember how tough that was and you really helped us turn it around."

Daughter, of a private patient

Addiction Medicine | San Francisco and Marin

Dr. John H. Fullerton of Hampton Health, Ltd. is Board Certified in Addiction Medicine by ABAM (The American Board of Addiction Medicine) and holds the added certification as a Buprenorphine (Suboxone) prescriber. He has been licensed as an MRO (Medical Review Officer) by the MROCC (Medical Review Officer Certification Counsel) and was chosen among a small number of addiction specialists to sit for the Licensing Boards sponsored by the American Academy of Medical Review Officers (AAMRO) in 2011.

Dr. Fullerton is the only physician in the nation who is certified in the specialties of Internal Medicine, Geriatric Medicine and Addiction medicine and is featured on the website for the American Board of Addiction Medicine http://www.abam.net/.

His roots in addiction medicine began in San Francisco during the late 1980’s and 1990’s when he served as the clinical director of an acute poly-substance medical detox inpatient unit.

From 2012-2013 Dr. Fullerton served as an addiction specialist Medical Director for an inpatient combined CD (Chemical Dependency) and ED (Eating Disorder) residential unit at New Dawn Recovery Center in San Francisco along with the assistance of other Hampton Health specialized non-physician provider [PA-C] eating disorder specialist(s).

Dr. Fullerton routinely testifies in court in areas of forensic medical toxicology focusing on cases of DUI, substance use by physicians licensed by the Medical Board (CMB) and vehicular homicide allegedly associated with other drugs of intoxication or withdrawal: like methamphetamines.

In addition to treating patients with addiction disorders within his private practice and having served as an MRO (Medical Review Officer) for the Hampton Health Occupational Physical Examinations and Drug Testing Division Hampton at Work, Dr. Fullerton has implemented addiction medicine/Medical Review Officer/motivational interviewing techniques (via earlier exposure to foundations of addiction medicine care) within the internal medical residency programs at St. Mary’s Medical Center, Yale University and UCSF Medical Schools in San Francisco as part of a coordinated approach to the clinical instruction of general internal medicine in a medical home model (along with the early identification of ‘at risk’ primary care patients) and the treatment of the various substance use disorders uncovered while on the primary care "front lines".

Dr. Fullerton has won numerous awards serving the urban underserved in San Francisco, while participating in the coordination of targeted local urban resources and timely outpatient or inpatient medical detoxification programs. Dr. Fullerton takes pride in his role as a Certified Medical Director and team leader to the IDT (Interdisciplinary Treatment Teams) during the critical post-detox/abstinence/aftercare/and periodic recidivism period, whenever it rears its head.


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