“Dear John, Both I and our families wish to thank you for your attentive care and professionalism for my mom and our grandmother who passed away. Your staff has been terrific. I can only envy your organizational and medical skills."

Physician and family of an AlmaVia resident and patient

“It's not possible to adequately express our gratitude to Dr. Fullerton for all your kind and patient care over the last few years.”

Nicola, family of a Aegis resident & Corte Madera patient

“A price can't be put on what you do, it's that good and makes all the difference.”

Judy C
, family of an Aegis resident & Corte Madera patient

“I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for the care you provided my parents during their final months of life, and for the invaluable counsel you provided me as I made some of the most difficult decisions of my life. Your caregiving services were unmatched and I will never forget you Dr. Fullerton. May the world someday be full of doctors of your sensibility and kindness.”

Lauren P, family of Aegis residents & Corte Madera patients

"As a physician, I am most impressed with Dr. Fullerton's extensive and continuing education in geriatrics and related fields of medicine. As a husband, I fully appreciate the care and swift response that my wife has received for more than three years. I am also happy that Dr. Fullerton now has an office right here at AlmaVia."

Fred N, physician and husband of an AlmaVia patient

"Thankfully, Dr. Fullerton and his team actually work as a team to provide attentive care to the patient and gentle guidance to the family."

Kathi T, family of an AlmaVia patient

“Thanks for keeping us so well informed, and for the great care you are providing our Mom. You are a true blessing!”

Rick M, UCSF physician and family of an Aegis resident & Corte Madera patient

“My annual physical at Hampton Health was unlike any other doctor's appointment I have ever experienced in my 50 years!  The visit was anything but a typical clinical experience. I was welcomed by the entire staff who spent more than 1 1/2 hours with me sometimes individually and even sometimes together.  You can tell it is a very integrated and interactive practice that truly cares about its patients.  From the detailed questions to the suggested care, Dr. Fullerton and his professional Hampton Health Group are to be commended on how they run their practice.”

Betsy H, San Francisco patient

"Many thanks to all of you for your exceptional services to [my Aunt] and myself as well this past year. We are both so blessed to be connected with Hampton Health. It is greatly appreciated!"

Carol, niece of a WindChime patient

“Thank you for an exceptional beginning to Dad's care with your practice. The knowledge, concern and time that you put into this first meeting was remarkable. Dad has not had this complete a health check in his life. I am confident that he has the best possible chance of getting back to an energetic 83 year old with your care.”

Gordon R, family of an Aegis resident & Corte Madera patient


“My Dad is turning 89 next week and his care is the best it has ever been. Thank you and everyone at Hampton Health for taking such amazing care of him! I am so grateful!”

Janet Y, family of an Aegis Resident & Corte Madera patient


“Thank you for your excellent and empathetic care through the many challenges of the last couple of years. Your direction regarding medication and managing Mom's various health issues were spot on, especially as we grappled with the emotionally trying drinking problem, and associated behavior. I remember how tough that was and you really helped us turn it around.”

Family of a private patient

“I want to thank you for the amazing experience you provided to my father as well as my family. Your stewardship, compassion and support was our glue that held the family together during the end of my father's journey. We were very fortunate that our path's crossed at Aegis and I want you to know how special it is, the work you do on a daily basis. It is demanding, intensive and greatly appreciated. Never lose sight of the intangible support you provide your patients and families.”

Eric L, family of an Aegis resident & Corte Madera patient

“I think of you often and am so grateful for the many, many kindnesses you showed me and my mom. I wanted to take a moment to say 'thank you' from the bottom of my heart. It meant so much to her and to me, to have you there.”

Diane P, family of a skilled nursing facility patient

“Thank you for being so amazing at what you do. It's so rare to see the level of dedication and care you provide your patients. It's a breath of fresh air.”

Bahar Monem, Community Liaison Sutter Care at Home & Infusion Pharmacy Services

"We can't thank you guys enough for coming out today. When I tell people that Dr. Fullerton made a house call I get the same reaction: WOW!!! They are so impressed -So nice and old school medicine, just like our Dad was. Something you don't see very much anymore! Please tell Dr. F how much we appreciate it.

Janice M, family of a Corte Madera patient

“As always, thank you for being so on top of this. I'm reminded of what happened to my father a little more than a year ago, when urinary retention went unchecked and he developed a massive UTI. Thanks to your careful monitoring at Aegis, a potentially serious situation was caught very quickly. Once again, I'm very grateful that we moved Dad to Aegis! Thank you all.”

Cindy R, family of an Aegis resident and Corte Madera patient

“It was great to work with you all, and I will definitely be doing another rotation with you if that would be alright. You really have me thinking about specializing in geriatrics. Thanks for a wonderful four weeks!”

Tiffany King, MD - St. Mary's Medical Center Resident rotating in Geriatrics


“Wow, what a quick result. How many times do I have to say Thank You in one day? We are so blessed. TY [Thank you].”

Eileen M, family of a WindChime of Marin patient

“THANK YOU for all of the 8 yrs of wonderful care you gave our mom. You were so helpful especially during these past difficult years. You have a great team and Aegis residents are lucky to have your skills and proximity.”

Don T, family of an Aegis resident & Corte Madera patient

“I have been so impressed and grateful for the attention you have given [the patient], I felt it was the best aspect of her care experience at Aegis. Both your medical care and your communication of the care was in all aspects excellent.”

Diane L - Care Manager, MSW, LCSW of an Aegis resident & Corte Madera patient

“I am very peaceful myself knowing that with the help of others, yourselves certainly a huge part, she died as she had lived...with dignity. Thank you for all of your expertise and loving support...”

Jane R, friend of a home patient

“Working with you over the years when Mother was at Aegis was truly a blessing.  Would that all geriatric patients could have such good and loving care.”

Gayle V, family of an Aegis resident & Corte Madera patient

“I am the one who is grateful to all of you for the marvelous care you gave to my mother during her last years at Aegis. I know the family was appreciative and very pleased with the personal service you provided for her and for all of the residents at Aegis. God's blessings on your good work.”

Henry T, family of an Aegis resident & Corte Madera patient

“Thank you so much for having me as a student on my Geriatrics rotation. You have honestly opened my eyes to how fun, enjoyable and comprehensive this area of medicine can be. I really appreciate that you took an active interest in me becoming a better clinician.”

Tom Svercheck, PA-S - Samuel Merritt University 

“Thank you so much for caring for Mom and Dad all these years! Our family has truly benefitted from having you in our lives.”

Tonia H, family of home patients 

“It is extremely difficult for me to find the words in order to properly describe the care being provided in such a timely and professional fashion by all of Dr. Fullerton's staff. Your consistent detailed notifications are greatly appreciated. My wife and I wish to express our sincere thanks to you all.”

Eugene Mfamily of a WindChime patient

“[We] are so very appreciative of Dr. Fullerton and your team for your vigilance, support, and compassion for [the patient]. You helped us through the last days of her life and were so very attentive. We always felt supported and that made it easier for us as well as her. With great respect and appreciation.”

Friends & Family of an Aegis resident & Corte Madera patient

“I would like to thank you for a fabulous experience! I know it takes extra work to preceptor students, and I am quite grateful. The final exam for my geriatrics rotation was not difficult, and I attribute that to my great experience with your rotation. Many thanks to you and your team. I hope that our paths cross in the future.”

Lynne David Hinkle, PA-S - Samuel Merritt University

“Your office and the care you gave my Father were a blessing for us. I always knew he was in good hands with you. You made a real difference in his life.”

Lisa D, family of an Aegis resident & Corte Madera patient

"I would like to thank you and Dr Fullerton's entire office for the wonderful care and compassion that you gave my Dad over the years. Knowing that he was receiving the best care possible gave me some peace of mind. Thank you again."

Laura J, family of an Aegis resident & Corte Madera patient

“Thank you so much for all of your contact! It is amazing to have this kind of info from a medical staff! We soooo appreciate it!”

Bev H, family of a Sratford at Countrywood patient

“She grew to be quite fond of her time at Aegis. And she certainly received the best medical care of her whole life!”

LizAnn, family of an Aegis resident & Corte Madera patient

“We are all very sad about Dad's death. I know that Dr. Fullerton's role over the years made a huge difference to his quality of life, and to the whole family.”

Christine Pfamily of a home patient

“We thank you, for the loving care which you provided. We are grateful for the expertise, compassion and efficiency which you brought to [our dear friend] during her time at Aegis.”

L & W, friends of an Aegis resident & Corte Madera patient

“My deep appreciation to you, Dr. Fullerton and staff, for your loving care and expert medical attention.”

Melanie P, family of a WindChime patient

“She was truly happy. Having the always-on attention was a very big part of that, and of course you also gave me a great gift because I knew she was in good hands. I'm so very grateful to all of you - Thank you, thank you.”

Alexandra, family of an Aegis resident and Corte Madera patient

“My mother was a patient of Dr. Fullerton’s for seven years. It is his perfect blend of medical expertise, heart-felt care and integrity that has made every single member of my family become a patient. The only reason I am not a patient of Dr. Fullerton’s is because I work for him!”

Elaine H.

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