Fall Prevention & Dizziness Therapy, Inc.


Welcome to Fall Prevention & Dizziness Therapy, Inc. founded by Minoo Parsa and a strategic partner of Hampton Health, Ltd. and the practice of Dr. John H. Fullerton.

Hampton Health, Ltd. specializes in comprehensive Internal Medicine, Geriatric care and consultation, Addiction Medicine, Clinical Toxicology and Hospice & Palliative Medicine.

As a Geriatric Specialty practice, a primary focus has been the implementation of innovative and preventive testing for the health and welfare of our geriatric patient population.

We are proud to announce we are the first medical practice within Northern California to offer “Fall Prevention & Dizziness Therapy”, a Balance+Plus program through Innovative HealthCare Systems, LLC.

The mission of Fall Prevention & Dizziness Therapy, Inc. along with Hampton Health, Ltd. is to serve the community, especially our geriatric population and Assisted Living communities, by providing the following on-site programs:

Balance+Plus Basic Fall Assessment System

Videonystagmography (VNG)

Balance+Plus Caloric Irrigator

Impressed by the capabilities of the program for the geriatric population of his practice, Dr. Fullerton not only wished to partner with Fall Prevention & Dizziness Therapy, Inc., but proudly agreed to serve as its Medical Director.

Both Ms. Parsa and Dr. Fullerton were interviewed by Innovative HealthCare Magazine in December 2016. The interview Follow Up Report: New Hope to Combat Risk of Falling by Nils Shapiro can also be found in our Press section.

To learn all aspects of this important prevention and health detection program, please visit our ‘All About Balance’ website www.about-balance.com/about/hamptonhealth.

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