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Hampton Health, Ltd. at

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Belmont, CA

Hampton Health, Ltd. Associate Medical Director, Dr. Theresa Kemnitz, D.O., provides on-site physician services to residents of Nazareth Vista Senior Community in Belmont, CA.

Belmont VistaMedical services include monthly examinations, urgent care, on-site x-rays and ekgs to name just a few of the services implemented through the Hampton Health subsidiary Physician Assisted Living Solutions LLC. 

A unique senior community, Nazareth Vista offers Independent Living, Assisted Living, Memory Care, as well as skilled nursing at its adjacent Convalescent Hospital on a temporary or long term basis.

Nazareth Vista is managed by Nazareth HealthCare, Inc. Nazareth Vista offer residents "the space to never retire their spirit, never let go of their curiosity and never, ever surrender their independence".

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